Mars and the element of Fire.

Red fiery explosive. Active in the extreme.

Movement, change, initiative, sexuality, conflict.

Black clouds of smoke, shooting sparks and the stink of war.

Gold so often found in the depths of pain,

Strife and death.

Gold as the beauty of countenance.

Strong, physically attractive, virile, commanding.

White heat, the quest for love, the purified will.

Perhaps heavier than I imagine.

Shrouded in the smoke of battle.

Red for the blood spilled, red for the racing pulse, the determined heart.

Red and hot. Excitable, exciting, and explosive.

Fear hangs heavy on the smokey clouds, bitter is the taste, dreadful the scene Ö and yet from Venus the goddess of love herself this god drew passion, for hidden within the violence and the attraction to danger lie the seeds of attraction, of physical beauty in the strength of body and the force of mind.

He knows what he wants and he is out to get it. The clash of steel, the exploding bomb. The cries of pain the smell of wounds. Horror and terror mixed deep with excitement and courage.

Face on he charges, forward he leaps, the death cry on his lips. No stopping now, no holding back, all or nothing, life or death. I will. I will. I will. I am. I am. I am. Chaos. Din. Hell let loose.

Discipline needed here to guide this energy. This aggressive thrust that makes things move, that gets thing going, that cuts through and faces life head on. Masculine strength. Masculine sexuality. Masculine will. So attractive to the waiting feminine. He wakes her as the prince wakes the sleeping beauty from her watery dream, her moonlit realm. He woes her with his active strength and takes her in his ardour.

Archetypes seem to be relevant to all cultures in the sense that they represent different but common aspects of human behaviour. They are expressed differently by different traditions but basically they are recognisable universally.

If we get too close and too involved, or we identify ourselves with them, we become possessed or taken over. We lose our vital connection with humanness.

An archetype contains various ways of expression and will manifest through us at whatever level of consciousness we are at. Again we see the dual natured task of making sure we donít identify ourselves with them, thereby losing ourselves,, but at the same time the work we do on ourselves and our conscious unfoldment will determine the quality expressed by the archetype through us. In this sense we do indeed take responsibility for our mistakes and our achievements. Mars then, this potentially destructive force can also bring that necessary dynamism, decisiveness and vital initiating energy that starts things moving. Spring bursts out of winter slumber and things start manifesting. Newness, excitement, will power, direction, goal, motivation. He is number one and his colours are bright, individual. No merging of pastel shades here, He is strong, separate and definite.