The Moon

The Moon

Soft and silent

Silver pale

And deeply, powerfully, feminine.

Moonlight is very different to Sunlight. There is a soft aloofness in the milky beams that calls to the mystery hidden within the outward appearance of things.

Deeply feminine and connected to Water, she represents the inner world of dreams and imagination. Her mirror face responds through receptive reflection. Not hers is the direct beam of solar power, but rather merging soft empathic light gathering in and holding all in shadowy undifferentiated magic.

Since the beginning of time the Moon, more than any other heavenly body, has moved and inspired human beings in soulfully creative ways. Her comings and her goings, her magnetic power over water and the growth of vegetation, her intimate relationship with women’s cycles and the rhythms and patterns of moods, emotions and instinctual behaviour in both men and women.

She is so close to us in deep and mysterious ways, she is accessible in that we can look at her without hurting our eyes. She provides light in the darkness and will accompany and guide those who venture out by night.

There have been goddesses and gods too attributed to the Moon since the dawn of time, each personifying a particular lunar phase, but the overall characteristic worshipped was that of the Great Mother who in herself contained and expressed the various qualities of the feminine soul and the eternal cycle of life. Maiden, Mother, Crone and Hag. Creative and destructive, ruling over birth, growth, maturity, decay, death and rebirth. Ishtar, Isis, Osiris, Hecate, Lilith, Persephone, Artemis, and closer to our time the Virgin Mary who was known as Mother Moon and Spiritual Moon, are to name but a few. As the ruling planet for the watery sign of Cancer, the mothering instinct is strong, personal, caring and protecting.

Whereas the Sun is out there in the centre of our vast universal space, the Moon is close, intimately weaving her power through our unconscious patterns and endless cycles of becoming. Her influence is felt from the inside, from the deep recess of soul where despite our rational efforts to control, there still shines the primordial lunar light. Beguilingly beautiful, profoundly knowing and chaotically wild.