Neptune and the element of Water.

The ocean, deep deep rhythms, power and unity. The strength that comes from joining forces, from being together. The individual is swept away, carried high on the crest of the power of oneness. Rhythms, we too have our natural rhythms. We too are united and carried by the instinctive wisdom of our bodies. The breath. The lungs, the natural rhythm of breathing. It all happens naturally. It is all part of the natural life of our bodies.

The uniting force of Water. The uniting force of the feminine. Water that naturally seeks other Water to unite with. Emotions that unite for better of for worse. Emotions that move, that stir, that provoke reaction. Tears, joy, courage, fear, hope desperation, love, hate. These strong emotions have the power to transport, to sweep away any rational thought any trait of individual will. Fusion and confusion. The joining with, the losing of oneself, the letting go.

These forces are dangerous when allowed to run wild. They represent the destructive aspect of life, however we do well to acknowledge them and to honour their existence as they are at the core, the deepest level of life. Life began in Water. The first forms came from Water and we too are born into Water. When the Waters of the womb break the new baby is ready to take birth into the world of earth and matter.

Without this primordial depth we remain brittle and shallow. Easily broken or snapped like dry twig.

Blood. The rhythm of blood. The flow, the pulse the heart beat. Again the instinctive wisdom of the body. The monthly bleeding. The monthly death and rebirth, regeneration. Women who live in close proximity bleed together for Water and fluid seek to unite. The blood bond, the tribe, the family.

Water unites at the deepest level, the instinctive, natural level. The basic things that women do together. Things that unite. Cooking, caring, cultivating, teaching, passing on the tradition, the wisdom. Water is a carrier, a transporter, a communicator. It contains, fertilizes and cleanses, restoring balance.

We do well to remember that it is this very process of wild chaotic power that forms the basic process of birth. Orgasm. Chaos. The letting go, the losing of oneself. In a tiny way human beings experience the immense power of creativity in the act of coming together, of making love. Ecstasy and bliss together with the immense poser that destroys any sense of self and new life is born.