Pluto and the Element of Water

Depth .. fear .. death .. darkness

.. otherworld .. inner fire, dark water .. deep water .. well water ..

Hidden, mysterious.

Underground. Underworld.

Hades. Black. No colour. No sunlight. Chlotonic.

Going down, delving deep. Unconscious urges, compulsions. Disintegration for regeneration. Powerful, immensely powerful. Destiny, intense, heavy, potent.

Purple, dark dark purple.

Underground water, black water, silent, hiding, deep.

Threatening, overpowering.

Frightening though these aspects are they are very much part of the energy of life. Enormous power resides within the earth. Volcanic explosion releases vast quantities of energy, fire and lava. They destroy and yet lava is extremely fertile.

Sometimes deep inside a person there is a need to change. Old ways have worn thin and no longer hold, yet change is scary and still we hold on to what we know. It takes the power of Pluto to push us forward, to create an upset in the soul deep enough to force us to change. It can be uncomfortable and frightening but sometimes necessary.

What then is death in a living person. Where is Hades in a human being? Does it have to be bad?

It is not the killing. Death is a state of not living. In other words where the light does not shine, where the spark is cold. Maybe waiting, maybe sleeping but cold, deep and cold.

The coiled snake, the inner pressure, the tension, the explosion.

Kept under ground and under pressure, not allowed to live. Confusion, unclear, raw power.

Enormous emotional power. Nuclear power. Soul power.

The force behind change. Is it bad?

It depends what we mean by bad. It can be painful, frightening, disturbing. More so if the force to change is resisted or denied. Sometimes disruption is necessary even though it causes great discomfort. Death of the old. The moving on. The leaving behind that which is finished.

Water and earth. Pluto and Saturn. Winter gods. Deep powerful gods. The dark sun, the icy fire. Renching, tearing away yet recreating, rebirthing.

Death, putrid, rotting food for the vultures, birds of prey, bones, ashes, cold fire, darkness.

Old, heavy, slow, uncontainable, uncontrollable.

The other side, the trance, the spell, magic.

Power, smoke, explosion, change..

Change – transformation. The spiral, the wheel. Deep turning without knowing. Unconscious. Something moving in the depths. The basic nuclear root of life. Explosive yet controlled by Earth’s patterns. Thunder wrenching, ripping asunder, shaking the core. Disturbing the appearance, disrupting existing patterns. Complete change. Cataclysmic change, plutonic change.

Rebirth, a new pattern emerges and still the wheel turns.


The dream. The longing the desire the pull towards that which will bring change. Irresistible compulsive over powering unconscious. The deep will of life in us pushing towards evolution. Beyond boundaries, beyond our present selves.


Patience, and life waits for us to take birth to make the inner move to evolve. Life goes on around us and the seasons come and go. Deep inside the womb of our soul things are growing, preparing to push us out and on into the next phase of ourselves.


Riding the tiger, celebrating, feeling strong and in control of our lives. Out of the disruption of deep change comes new strength. A new sense of freedom to see things in a different way.

It may take a very long time to take this step and we may never actually take it at all but this is the work of Pluto to push us up against ourselves, our limitations. Something deep within is growing, evolving, at one with the essential life energy of nuclear power, attracted to fulfilment, to completion to wholeness.

At a physical level a material earthy level it all happens quite naturally. We grow and transform from babies into children into adults. Our limbs grow our bodies change like flowers and trees on their passage from seed to shoot to bud to flower to fruit and back to seed. Pluto represents the deep dark realms of the physic world, the world of soul. So deep that it is out of our reach out of our awareness.

The ancients call him the Lord of the underworld or Hades. The world of darkness, the world of death. He was greatly feared and no images or altars were made to him. He was associated with black and only black animals could be sacrificed in his name.

Like all things feared this dark and powerful force is kept by us under lock and key and so the energy builds and pushes until such time we are ready to move.