Saturn and the Element of Earth

Dark, holding in like the winter sky. And yet it is in winter that the light has a very special quality. Contrast between dark and light is magical. Opposites that give definition that form a shape.

Perhaps Earth is the most difficult of all the elements because we are with it all the time. We are aware of the qualities of Earth in a way that we are not with the other elements. Earth is our body our physical form with its joys and its pains. Its health and its sickness.

It is through Earth that things become manifest and manifestation brings with it limitation. It is through the very act of manifestation that we create limitation. As soon as something is formed it created a shadow. The light is One, it is through the various shapes and forms of life that colours and subtle shades and qualities come into play. Earth then brings variety, richness and depth. It is actually through limitation that we discover the values in life. Like all the other elements Earth has a very powerful shadow.

Accumulation. Earth tends to collect and hang onto things. She is slow to relinquish for all things in the end are ground down and absorbed. Every thing is useful. There is nowhere to put things, to throw them away other than in Herself. This habit of collecting and saving clutters up leaving in the end no space to breathe, to move, to feel. It all gets too full and too heavy. It becomes slower and slower till eventually stagnation occurs.

The very nature of life is that of movement, of transformation. Too much heaviness slows this process down.

We live in a world where values are based on material gain so that we are encouraged to collect and hoard not only in a strictly material sense in the way of objects, food, clothes etc, but also in the more subtle forms of security and insurance. Safeguards against life.

Our vital space becomes restricted, we allow the limitations of Earth to hold us back. These very limitations are often clothed in rich and tempting robes and are often accompanied by fear.

Fear because we are bound to earth for our very survival. We have exchanged our tools of survival from ancient iron and stone into the modern medium of money, but the primordial instinct of fear is still with us.

Earth the great container of darkness and light, water and fire.

A seed drops onto the Earth and life begins. The seed knows how to relate to darkness as it lies waiting in the ground. It doesn’t really know who it is or how it got there it just knows how to wait for life to start moving.

Time passes and the waiting seed is aware of the richness of the Earth around it. Whilst still in the seed pod high up in the branches above the Earth it all looked much the same. Brown, grey, hard, cold, but now having made the leap it is discovering all the different textures and smells, the subtle colours and shapes.

It can feel the softening effect of Water after the rain has fallen making it easier for the tiny shoot itching to grow, to push upwards. It knows when the sun is shining by the comforting warmth that spreads through the soil A comfort that makes it feel courageous and ready to grow and express itself through leaf and flower. As the seed begins to expand and shoot out it learns with joy of the vital breath of Air. The thrill that vibrates through the Earth as the breeze clears and brings new life.

And so the waiting turns into relating and the relating turns into growth and growth turns into life.

And we are the Earth, rich and fertile waiting for the seed to fall. The Earth is around us in the outer world and inside us in essence and it is the essence that contains the power.

There are trees all over the earth growing, maturing and shedding seeds all the time. The softening feeling power of Water nourishes and deepens the growth and the warmth of Fire excites and stimulates the process. Air carries the seeds and distributes them here and there. Air the great sower like he who offers ideas and new things.

So the seed falls into the lap of the old Earth and it is she who brings forth the new flower. It is she who lets the seasons come and go for Earth must work her own magic, be it season of light and growth or season of darkness and death. Each is necessary, each a part of the Whole and each one comes and each one passes for such is the nature of life.