The Sun

The Sun

Golden light, golden warmth.

Energy radiating from the centre.

Brilliant shining life giving light.

The Sun is at the centre of our universe. We evolve around the Sun, it is the source of our energy and the source of our life.

The Sun is always shining .. always .. Sometimes we are unable to see and feel it because clouds hide it from our view. Sometimes the sky is so dark and low, so cold and damp that we find it hard to remember that out and above the thick layer of grey cloud there is open space tinged with blue and vibrant with brilliant sunshine.

Like everything else in our world if the Sun is too strong, and shines for too long things dry up and become arid. We long for the soft touch of Water.

The Sun shines during the day and disappears at night. It shines on our conscious active hours when we are up and out in the world doing things. At night when darkness comes and the gentle Moon reflects the light of her absent consort we rest. We let go of our conscious state and allow our unconscious to speak with us in dreams.

Each on e of us has our own individual centre. Our own personal source of light and energy. Like the great fiery orb in the heavens it needs to shine, to express itself, to be.

When the Sun is out and the air is filled with warm light we naturally feel the desire to open windows, to go outside and enjoy the warm sensation of sunlight on our skin. We smile more, and feel more optimistic and happy. One of the first things children draw and paint is the Sun because it speaks to them about play and having fun, and the ancient symbol of the circle with a dot in the centre is one of the most sacred and has always represented the central point of our existence, in other words God. The Swastika is also an extremely ancient solar symbol representing movement and the positive force of life.

The Sun heroes were strong and courageous, beautiful in appearance and rich in Eros. The Sun calls us into being as it calls the bud into flower. It represents the positive male energy that is in us all, both men and women, that lights the sparkle in our eyes and encourages us to live life creatively with enthusiasm and the natural touch of aggression necessary to keep the wheel of life spinning.