Uranus and the Element of Air.

The snow has helped me catch a glimpse of Uranus. Bright, shining, exhilarating, totally changing everything. Cold dangerous, white. Barriers disappear, things open out. There is a thrill, a new vibration, a high voltage quality to the air. Crystal clear, sharp, even cruel, unexpected … uncontainable.

Uranus comes at the beginning of things and he flashes in. Endings and new beginnings. Whereas Pluto represents death and rebirth in a deep emotional psychic way, through power and darkness, complete disintegration in preparation for rebirth, Uranus represents cosmic power. The lightening flash, the sudden change, transformation, inspiration.

Pluto works from the depths, Uranus wields the wand of light. He clears away the old, the out worn, the useless. Disruptive and exciting at the same time he represents universal energy. His symbol is a human being bearing water. He represents humanity as a whole. Not fused into the great Oneness of Neptune but rather the brotherhood of individuals. He sweeps away racial barriers, anything that prevents man from joining man. The quality of individuality comes from the very unique peculiarity of each particular person.

Uranus.. uniqueness, democracy, group consciousness, freedom. These are qualities that have to be worked for. Self discipline and an openness and willingness towards others, otherwise selfishness, separateness, loneliness and crystallization into one’s own opinions is the result.

Uranus is not a solar energy for the Sun represents self expression. Nor is he lunar for the Moon represents our instinctive natural expression. Rather he is of the Stars, the great company of Light and Space which represents the individual participation in and contribution to something far greater than the individual itself.

He is of the Stars, high born, celestial. The Stars represent the void, the mystery of the universe, the impersonal dimension, the unknown. Space.. Points of light in the dark vastness of space. Points of reference in emptiness. Other worlds, angels, and the music of the spheres.

His energy is vibrant and dangerous like a high voltage electric pylon is dangerous. Vibrating, pulsating with energy full of potential he exudes vitality and excitement. His destruction comes as a bolt of lightening from the sky, his power is one of energy unlike the telluric power of Pluto who destroys through emotional force. He is the dancer. Shiva, the one who dances through the barriers and restrictions that hold life prisoner, dissolving and destroying anything that has passed its time.

This destructive dance in fact unifies as the barriers come down and energy is able to flow more freely. He is not interested in emotion and feeling. The universal is his mind, individuality his spirit. Whirling at the speed of thought, immediate, cutting, diamond sharp. Unexpected is his action out the blue like the bolt of lightening.

AIR. , Electric, spiritual, invisible. Shining, clear, immaterial. We all have this wonderful dimension of Air in us as human beings. Intelligence, mind, thought, idea, inspiration. Some have it more developed than others but it is always there.

Air.. so we breathe, we think, but we are also heavy and gross here in this world. Air is here with us but it is basically a world of matter. The possibilities are there to reach other levels, it is a question of priorities. I think it is also a question of one’s inner evolution which develops over many lifetimes. The invisible controls the visible, matter and earth are the end products. What we produce is the result of thought, feelings, psyche, spirit and will. What we actually DO is the result.

Breathing in. Filling the body with space, energy and Air. Feeling the boundaries recede within ourselves. Becoming aware of an opening out, a willingness to communicate with life like a flower opening wide her petals at the touch of morning sunlight. This willingness to be open is not the tender vulnerability of an open heart where emotions merge with emotions in the great fusion of sympathy, empathy and compassion. The openness of Air is of an impersonal nature accompanied by a sense of detachment. This is the joining of mind rather that that of heart. Unity and acceptance through knowing rather than feeling. The impersonal aspect of God that is always present everywhere at all times. That knows of the beauty and the ugliness, the joy and the terrible pain of this world.

This is a very important quality. The ability to remain open in a detached way. We remain ourselves. We remain whole and at the same time we are able to mix and share, contribute and receive without giving ourselves away, without losing ourselves.