Venus and the Element of Earth

Neither Sun nor Moon but of the Earth is Lady Venus, splendid in her rainbow attire.

Harmony, the ability to relate, to bridge, to love.

Sunlight and rain, spring and autumn.

The morning and the evening star, so bright, so beautiful, heralding dreams, calling to romance.


It is the twofold task of bringing form to spirit and at the same time finding spirit in matter. Often ritual is useful. The use of symbols too, the finding and transforming of the one within the other. Holding and allowing.

Whereas the transformation wrought by Fire, Water and even Air is immediate, Earth is slow. It is through her receiving, holding and allowing that the seasons turn and life and death unfold. As the year passes, and the seasons follow on from one another, Earth reveals to us the three aspects and expressions of the Great goddess. The Great Mother. Taurus tells of the maiden, Virgo the mother and Capricorn the crone.

It is yet another way of looking at the basic cycle of life that flows through all things. Attraction.. Earth contains a kind of divine glue that keeps things together, that attracts like honey attracts bees. Sweetness .. Something that we instinctively want and need. It is inevitably and irresistibly attractive because it is at the basis of life. In its highest form we call it Love in its lowest form it is purely sexual.

I am trying to connect myself with the deep inner understanding of the mystery of Earth in order to be able to communicate it to others. The whole feminine.

We try so hard to live only the Venus aspect. Perhaps Saturn and Capricorn represent the holding containing limiting protecting aspects of Earth. The grounding patient soil that allows the seed to move when it is ready. Mercury and Virgo on the other hand tell of the organising sorting discriminating quality of Earth.

The word virgin in its original meaning was “whole unto herself”. The choice was hers as to whom she would share herself with. To Venus then is given the relatedness of things. The capacity to attract and be attracted. The physical sensual giving and receiving. Beauty and harmony. The call to love, the willingness to love and relate to others. Connected to nature she always had wild animals with her.

Earth, the middle ground. The divine mediator. The one in between. The acting out. The ritual. The sharing. The Earth contains the mystery and through the enactment of ritual the mystery is revealed. Earth is the covering shell that protects the truth. The Grail. The Holy Container. The Cup. The female body that contains the mystery of conception and gives birth to new life.

Earth repeats and reproduces. You could say but what is all this to do with the real world, with the life of everyday? but this is the nourishment our souls long for and what is after all the mysterious flower within if not happiness and a sense of rootedness in our own ground. This happiness comes from a feeling of being alive and belonging to Life. To belong. We belong to ourselves and we belong to others and we belong to Life. The inner and the outer. Earth represents this so well. The inner and the outer.