AquariusThe blue haze of spaciousness. Of an open sky. Of infinity. Open to the unknown. Open to the universe. Open to the future. Like a flash of lightening dancing free across the sky Aquarius breaks down and through the old structures as an explosion of new growth.

The water bearer. A human being bearing water. Healing water, life giving water.

The Airy soul of Aquarius knows no limitations. No beginnings and no endings. All things are possible from his lofty point of view. High above the confusion of earth he flies, wings outspread in all embracing universal love.

Love and light and peace on earth he sings, his voice a star amongst the shining tones of the heavenly host, the great white brotherhood, the angelic choir. Living as he does in such refined atmospheres, his innocence remains intact, uncontaminated by worldly pollution.

This purity of heart, this simplicity of person carries within itself a dew like quality, the essence of which like the water he bears, bathes his spirit in everlasting youthfulness. Everlasting expectancy and everlasting hope.

This is the gift he offers the world and the jar that he carries contains the very waters of life, spilt from above to quench the thirst of those who are searching for their own truth.

Just as Aquarius aspires to the heights of perfection and beauty in the world of potential, so too he inhabits the higher realms of intellect and mind with clarity and a sense of purpose not always easy to bring through into the material world of form and limitation.

Freedom to be is an essential part of his character. The need for personal space to express his own peculiar self. Governed by Uranus, god of heaven, created by Gaia (earth) and first of the gods to take form and separate himself from the creative chaos, Aquarius teaches the art of detachment. The ability to step back and let go of all the ties that hold us in bondage.

From his elevated stance the vision of life is wide. At the foot of the mountain the view is hidden by the mountain itself, the fields and forests that flank its side. Up here on the summit where the air is pure and exhilarating and the snow sparkles virgin white in the clear sun light, his heart swells in awe. Blue filled silence, the sky an arms length away, reaching out and beyond into forever. Down in the valley towns sprawl across the plains. People rush about busy with their everyday lives. Trains, cars and lorries speed past, tiny moving dots flashing in the light of the sun. From up here it all seems very distant, and Aquarius can easily open his spacious heart to humanity as a whole.

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