AriesRed and flaming. New born spark. Alive and quick.

The sword and the flame…The light and the blade.
The new born light. The rising sun. The crescent moon. The lover.

Sparks of desert fire. Clean, hard, sharp and fierce. Moved to action by the flame of conviction.
The game of war, the dance of life. The racing heart, the pulsing blood. Immediate and true to the moment. True to the impulse. True to the cause.

His guardian god Mars, lord of battle, greatly feared yet loved by the goddess of Love herself.
The union between the beautiful Venus, born of the foaming waves and Mars the fiery warrior, brought forth magical children. Harmonia and Cupid, rainbow children born of the marriage between Fire and Water.

Courage flows within his blood, command within his word and vision within his sight. Warm is his heart and ready to defend. To take up the cause of those weaker than himself.

Sacred fire. Regenerative fire. The spiral horns of the ram..the rising thunder, the oncoming storm.
This sacred fire, this life kindling spirit so often let lose by the violent rench of war.
Released through the terrible spilling of blood, the painful tearing of souls.

In order to worship Fire and the god of Light we need to defy him in the sense of engagement. To engage with him in the continual battle of life.

Fire and light and light and fire. The ability to see. Vision. Sight. Inner and outer. Fore sight, in sight, hind sight. Fire brings the possibility of seeing that which is around us and the young flame of Aries feels the desire to have, to posses in order to satisfy his greedy appetite. This way and that he leaps, sword in hand, horns lowered in readiness to take on the world for the possession of his heart’s desire.

Impulsive, instinctive, immediate. No time for thought, no time for reflection, it is now or never, all or nothing. But if and when faced with nothing his flames burn low, die down to mere embers which quickly chill to the cold ashes of depression and despair. His very being is the source of movement, action, transformation and to be confronted with nothing, to be forced into passivity and no action is his greatest fear.

Warrior, soldier, conqueror. The flames in his courageous heart will often push him into the dangerous realms of irresponsability. The stubborn soul of the horned ram close his ears to any sensible advice. Against all odds he leaps into the battle field of life to save and to kill, to defend and to destroy, to touch and to wound, to love and to hate and above all to move and to change,
to transform and to open.

Over time this fierce warrior spirit learns that the desire to possess and consume in the outer world will only keep his fire burning for a while. When all is consumed he is left in the end with the cold face of emptiness and ruin. Gradually he learns to dig deeper into the riches of his inner self, to find the fuel and nourishment necessary not only to keep his own fire burning but to ignite the fire in other souls, to bring forth light and warmth, energy, generosity and laughter into a sad world in great need of protection and love.


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