CancerWhen Cancer has developed her own inner strength so that she no longer relies on her outer shell (or people she has attracted to her to act as her shell) then she really is the Lady at the door to the Inner World. The priestess who communicates with the lunar world of feeling and knowing, intuition and dreams.

Her new strength enables her to be in her own right and so to offer and share her understandings.

The pale light of the moon glows around her but now the moon is inside her own soul, thus throwing light on the dark chambers of the unconscious.

She is a teacher and a guide. Gentle, peaceful. Aloof yet deeply in communion with others through her natural capacity to feel what they are feeling.

Her love is transformed into compassion through this gift of empathy.

She know well the darkness and the mystery of night, and the natural rhythms of the Moon flow in her veins. She understands..she understands.

The magical qualities of the enchantress are now gathered into her soul. They are no longer spread wide like a wild net over the churning waves that come and go in abandon around her. Her songs, now free from dangerous seduction, touch and move with magical grace. They pierce and open sleeping hearts to the beauty and wonder of the inner world.

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