Time when the sun is at it’s strongest and light reigns over darkness.

Air. Openness and light skimming the surface, taking in all things.

Light footed, wingèd mind and an extraordinary capacity for change, Gemini, the herald, the traveller, the messenger, the carrier. The bringer of news and information, of pollen and seeds, of perfume and music. Mercury his guardian god received the winged cap and sandals from the gods of Olimpus to enhance his already great speed. His wand twined with two golden serpents we know as the caduceus was a gift from Apollo the sun god in exchange for a lyre which Mercury himself had made from an empty tortoise shell. Amongst his discoveries was the flute and the lyre. Music.

The breath and the breeze.

Light, airy, brilliant, shining, Gemini embodies the crescent moon, the circle of infinity and the cross of matter. Quick silver, lightening speed, lord of the mind and the power of communication.. The twins. The two halves of the whole. The eternal search for the other half. The breath, the word the act of creation. In order for life to take form duality must be. All things contain their opposite. This is the message of the Tai Chi, the wisdom of the far east. The yellow land of the rising sun. East is the direction of Air, of the mind. The sun is born in the east. Ideas are born in the mind.

Gemini the mercurial essence of change. The dance of life. The merging and the separation. His colour? Not one but many. Changing colours like specks of dust dancing in a ray of sunlight. Shape shifter. Shaman. Trickster. Alchemist. Physician. Nothing solid. Nothing permanent.

The twins, the two halves of the whole, half male half female, the dual nature of life. Day which opposes night. Light which opposes dark. Life which opposes death. Goodness which opposes evil. Split in two opposing realities Gemini reveals to us the nature of material life, but as the true alchemist that he is, he holds the healing wand. The central pole of unity around which entwine the serpents or dual aspects of life. Mercury’s robe was lined with gold. Incorruptable gold, the alchemic gift found in the process of overcoming duality. Miscevious, ingenious, charming. Mercury communicates between the gods and human beings. He is in other words the bridge between the unconscious and the conscious mind.

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