LeoThe Lion roars and thunder cracks the clouded sky.

Too much heat

Too little air.

Suddenly, the wind awakes and whips the lion. Mane aflow he shakes his head and lifts his lips. Snarling now his tail slashes the sky with a streak of light and angry tears pour from those flashing eyes onto the patient earth.

The lion shakes his fiery head and sparks of light shower the earth filling the air with flames of consciousness.

Open hearted, golden warmth.

Leaping, prancing, crouching, dancing and loud the lion’s roar.

The lion roars and the animals of the plain scatter and disappear. So too as the sun rises do the stars and planets dissolve into the greater light.

His roar tells us to get on with life. To get up there on the stage of life and act our role.

Never be afraid of being yourself, he tells us.

The lion is the kind of the beasts and so he teaches us to master out own animal self. To reign supreme in our own court.

He is the emperor, the king, the ruler, the leader.

Be yourself and let your personality play whatever part it is designed for. Be there for it. Strong, courageous, fair.

Allow yourself the satisfaction of throwing back your head and letting out your roar. Let it come out as an expression of yourself in whatever way is right for you.

Let the sun’s great light shine in your eyes.

Let it out in your smile.

Be an agent for the Light.


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