The scales swing from one side to another. Up and down they go in their effort to find perfect balance. First one side then the other swings too high or too low.

His goal is balance, complete harmony in all the situations, people and feelings he encounters throughout his life.

Justice. The Archangel Michael weighs the lives of those waiting at the gate of heaven against a feather on the scales of past actions.

Eternally attracted to beauty and perfect poise, Libra aspires to the higher realms of angelic harmony.

The essence of life, however, is movement so that the risks of imbalance, disharmony and discord are high. Libra walks the tight-rope with care, trying to make the right choices often with his feet going from one side to the other or even one on each side. His judgment of others and indeed himself can be harsh until he has found a state of balance within.

Always at grips with his own duality. His ability to see both sides, to experience the seemingly incompatible polarities of life he goes from one extreme to the other in search of balance.

However, as with all the archetypes, the seed of his own strength lies deep within his vulnerability.

His potential is that of a master of energy able to dance with natural grace along the razor edge of balance. His poise is such that he can hold the space by juggling the natural elements and creating a void around himself. No longer pulled this way and that he shows us the art of detachment and clear vision.

His duality now healed, the two parts of his being, physical and spiritual, are as one. He knows how to perform the highest act of balance. The coming together of the male and the female, the sun and the moon in the sacred marriage. This is the state of perfect balance. The state of wholeness. A state of being in harmony with life itself.

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