PiscesWater comes and there is a softness in the air. Earth is richer in colour, released from the stern grasp of winter. Somewhere something is stiring.

Stiring in the depths, stiring in the memory, stiring in the blood.

Water moves and velvet like ripples spread out across the polished surface. Every particle of that water knows that something has moved and the ripples widen in beautiful perfectly formed circles that well up and out, interlacing, intercomunicating in a delicate network of exquisite sensativity.

Whirling swirling powerful currents beneath the surface, deep down beneath the surface. A flash of silver, the graceful curve of a fishes tail……and gone..

Pisces, a dream like vision veiled in the elusive robes of star studdied foam tantalisingly close and yet so far from reach.

Gentle, timid, vulnerable. Still intimately connected in the waters of the universal womb. Still at one with the whole, at one with the very pulse of life, Pisces has little experience of Self. Little space for her ego to grow. Always ready to shape herself according to the needs of those around her, always eager to fill the empty spaces presented to her throughout her life.

Neptune and Jupiter her guardian Gods. First Lord of the waters and the abysmall depths connecting her to that profound longing for Love which is so much a part of the soul, and second Lord of the sacred mountain and the celestial peaks uniting that deep longing with the search for spiritual truth. Pisces feels at home in the ever moving, ever changing tides of the waters of life, of feeling and of emotion.

Down into the realms of darkness she dives, plumating the fathomless pit of the grieving soul and yet with the same grace and agility she rises high into the sunlit crests of the waves where she leaps with joyful abandon through the crystal spray.

The need to feel safe, the need for security, the longing to give herself, to disolve into perfect union. The inner child, the graceful maiden, playful, innocent, unprepared and profoundly searching for that which will unite her to the Whole.

Once Pisces has sifted through these layers and mists of dreams and longings, once her great desire for oneness has been directed towards the higher source rather than getting caught up in the dangerous nets of conditioning, of other people’s feelings, of political movements or spiritual groups or even the intoxication and dependence on drugs, she will be in touch with the magical flow of life. She will be so permeated and at one with this essence that she will become a natural healer, a natural teacher. She will express the very nature of Water, enriching and revitalizing those she meets, bathing them in a deep softness which will bring forth new shoots from the seeds lying hidden and waiting in the human soul.

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