SagittariusMidwinter. The days are short and night falls fast.

Through the darkness comes the sound of galloping hooves above the howling wind and the driving rain.

The end of the year. The heart of winter.

Leaves have fallen and the sap has gone deep. Things slow down, nature sleeps in preparation for the spring.

With the fire of transformation in his soul, Sagittarius, spirit of man and body of earth, ruled by Jupiter the all-highest Thunderer King of the gods, takes aim, and, at full gallop, shoots his arrow towards the rising light of the coming year.

The swift flash of an arrow and the wind in his hair.

Galloping hooves and the joy of adventure. New horizons to discover, new lands to explore, new people to encounter, new loves to share and new hearts to break.

The mind of a human being and the grounding power of the horse.

Intelligence and speed. Reason and instinct.

With keen eye and ready bow Sagittarius carries the torch of transformation. Like Eros he sets things in motion, sets things on fire. Always a new target to aim for, a new goal to call him into action. He is the traveler, the explorer, the adventurer, the hero. Like Ulysses he sets out on his quests aflame with passion and curiosity. He leaps into the furnace of life which often leaves him scarred and burned alongside those whom his arrow has wounded. But like the phoenix he rises from the ashes and rearing high charges off to the next adventure.

Like Ulysses his travels through life bring the wisdom of experience, the understanding that comes from touching and being touched. From wounding and being wounded. From loving and being loved. Gradually the goals he sought to conquer in the outer world find their place in his own centre, his own being. His aim now focused on the deeper realms of consciousness and knowledge, his pioneering spirit gallops forwards, his transforming fire opening new horizons to those who need a guiding light to follow.

His adventures now are with the spirit and the sage in him, rich with the experience of life, sets his bow to pierce and quicken hearts with the light of understanding.

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