Like most wild creatures when disturbed or frightened, the scorpion will attack to kill. If she feels that the situation is without hope she will take her own life rather than be taken by another.

Fierce, proud, bold Boadicea or Boudica (which means Victoria or victory) British queen of the Iceni tribe, rallied her people to confront the might of the invading Roman army. After successfully burning the towns of Lincoln and London she was overwhelmed and captured. Rather than being taken prisoner she took her own life through drinking poison.

The scorpion is a beautiful creature often found in dark places. Her heavily armoured body and long tail are exquisitely proportioned. She seeks the privacy of hidden places, dark places…….

Darkness, winter, the night of the dark moon. A time of year when the veils between worlds are at their finest. A time for death, a time for the ancestors.

Dark fire. The passion of icy fire.

Deep. Intense. Powerful.

This is the Queen of the Underworld. The keeper of hidden things, secret knowledge, buried treasure.

Her tail will strike with cruel intensity, a lightning blow at who would dare to lift her mask, to look behind into her armoured soul.

In the heart of darkness lies the seed of light. The passion before the flame. It is here that the phoenix waits, ready to shake her wings and rise above the cold ashes of death into the blaze of new life.

This is the Lady of death and rebirth. Of transformation. The sting of her tail, once used to destroy, now sharpens the steel of her blade, for warrior she is and her cruelty now transformed into acute awareness enables her to venture fearless into the wounds of those around her.

Deeply sensitive to another's pain, her heart swells with compassion and she will readily offer herself, her strength and her passion even to the point of self sacrifice.

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