Earth and the call of Nature.

Winter is gone, swept away by the wild March winds of Aries.

Leaves are opening, buds are bursting and creatures of every kind are mating. Butterflies dance and birds sing in celebration whilst the virgin soul of life seeks out her lover and the great bull of earth seeks out his bride.

The brutal force of growth, the four square weight of powerful Earth express themselves through the delicate opening of a new bud, the exquisite beauty of a dew washed petal.

This sweetness, this heady fragrance of earth warmed by the ever strengthening sun, intoxicates the senses, captivates the heart arousing the sleepy passion of the young spring bull.

The first drops of blood fall scarlet on the immaculate white robe of the virgin. Earth is prepared to recieve the seed and music plays and songs are sung. There is dancing and games, laughter and feasting now that the waiting fire is quickened once more, deep down in the womb of the Great Earth Mother.

Taurus comes, feet planted firmly on the ground. Lead by her senses, her love for pleasure and beauty. Stubborn. She will follow her heart’s desire using her weight to overcome anything that stands in her way. Headstrong, imposing, she knows how to force things to her advantage for the seed must be sown and life must go on continually renewing itself as the eternal One meets the Two and together create the Three which manifest in the Ten Thousand.

Abundant, generous, ripe and rosy. Venus her guardian goddess calls us into the game of life, the game of love. She invites us to drink from her honeyed cup, to celebrate the riches of earth and the body. To lower the mask and loosen the tight clothes that keep us respectable in the eyes of the world. Let the wine flow she calls and awaken the sleeping youth inside.

We are all tiny parts of the great Whole, and we all do our bit to move life on. So in the ancient past these rites played out in a sort of theatrical form the great inner movements of life. Maybe people didn’t know what they were doing. Maybe that didn’t matter. Nor do we really know what we are doing anymore than the bird that eats the insect, the cat that eats the bird, the fox that eats the cat or the bear that eats the fox really knows. By living out our lives we supply movement and nourishment to life. We embody the spirit along with all other living beings.

This is what Taurus teaches us. The importance and value of matter and material life. To try and live it to the full, not for some ulterior gain, but to fulfill it’s very own secret purpose. To live in the moment.

At a physical level spring only happens once a year and the buds turn to flowers which turn to seeds and fall. At another deeper level spring is always here just as summer and winter are always here. Now is always a good moment to offer our virginity, out integrity, our wholeness. It is not a question of time or age, it is a question of interior growth and awareness.

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