Angel's Vision

Angel's Vision

This is an image of sacredness that evokes the vast reality of creation. It is a reminder that gently brings us back to our place in the spiritual world. It could be helpful for meditation or in healing rooms.

50 cm x 80 cm

The sky is vast. As I look up it stretches purple into forever, a velvet curtain closed to this world. A cloth pierced with the light of a million stars, reminders that beyond the veil of darkness another light is shining. My eyes search deep into the night, my heart alert listening to the silence.

I know her before I actually see her. Her shape is familiar, mirroring some echo of another existence we recognise each other. Her wings stretch out behind her. Wings of light, soft with rainbows resting on the night air. As I watch they seem to pulsate, alive with a heartbeat that measures my own, that sends shafts of light rhythmically out into the darkness.

Translucent and the colour of pale tangerine, her soft robe swirls around her slender shape, leaving her shoulders and neck bare to the cold, and dark against the rainbow light of her unfurled wings.

Her dark hair is short and clings close to a perfectly shaped head and around her forehead a single band of gold sparkles like a thread of stars plucked from the heavens behind her.

Two dark feet small and delicate show themselves beneath her robe, clad in golden sandals. They carry no weight, but rather move lightly in time to some unheard strain of music that I somehow seem to know.

I stand and watch her. My heart thumping wildly in my breast and as I watch I become aware of her heart in tune with mine and opening before my eyes. Wider and wider it opens beyond boundaries, beyond fear beyond pain. Open to Reality, open to acceptance, open to love.

A soft light emerges from this open space within her. It grows stronger as I watch, crystal flames leaping out and creating a radiance around her that shines like some heavenly mirror or magical pool of shimmering water in the dark night sky.

I already know as I search deep into that mirror-like heart what I shall find. She is so familiar, I know her so well, her shape is somehow mine. This is no earthly mirror telling of the passing years. No mortal face care worn and scarred by life's battles returns my searching gaze. This angel's heart, this heavenly glass sees way beyond the limitations of human existence, for the truth it reflects is not of this world, its beauty held deep within the soul and seen only by those whose own beauty has been stirred.

As I look into this heavenly void my sight shifts from earthly eyes to some deeper vision where image takes the form of knowing. Where beyond the wounded human form I find patience, compassion, courage, understanding and other soulful qualities that together mould themselves into the shape of this shining Being.

For a moment we look at each other and I know that she sees me as I see her. She is me and I am her and this knowing feels like wings. Great well springs of light and energy, there to uphold and carry me, surround and protect me, nourish and inspire me.

The moment passes, the vision fades and the veil closes. I stand alone gazing up at the vastness of the night sky my heart full of soft sweetness and inner joy.

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