MarySweetness that arises from a devoted soul. A place where passion and integrity hold hands, where serenity is born from the giving of devotion, and strength is found in the integrity to one’s truth.

A sweet and tender soul held firm in faith.

So easy to let this faith waiver in the pace of everyday life where deeper truths get blown away by the constant erosion of change.

Not then a god held captive within this religious creed or that, or even within the widest human mind, but One who’s breath sets rhythm for the sun and moon and stars, whose soul contains the universe and whose heart is life itself.

Passion, that force which calls the heart to follow. Whose cry is heard by those who listen through the emptiness beyond, where words spring silent from some hidden well dug deep within the joyful soil where root and seed drink long of some quiet brew distilled by holy hands and Other means.

Integrity, O clear and clean, whose robe shines white with colour. Whose eyes hold true the peaceful gaze that cools temptation’s fire and sheds bright light in darkened holes revealing hidden fears, whose truth holds safe, uncluttered yet by gathered guilt and self betrayal of scattered soul.

Devotion, soft willingness to open heart, to give and fill with something loved yet still unknown. To offer soul’s most precious gift with joy and playful heart. To be in love with love itself and feel the melting outer form give way to tender warmth and wings that carry love’s exquisite flames of bliss at one with all that is and God.

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