Oliviero is a little baby who lives next door. We get on really well and often spend time together having fun. Oli’s parents asked me to make a hanging for his first birthday. They didn’t tell me what to make, they just said ‘you know Oli really well, just let your Muse make something for him.’

Oliviero’s birthday is December 19th. He is a Sagittarian and the horse is a good symbol for this energetic and far reaching sign.

His Ascendant is in the other fiery sign of Leo with the Sun as his ruling planet so it was clear to me that the horse would be pulling the solar chariot across the heavens.

Oli’s Moon is in the sign of Virgo which brought me down to the Earth from where a little boy was standing next to a friendly tree and joyfully waving his white hanky as the Sun raced by.

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